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About PetDesign Pet Products Pet Products is a designer and manufacturer of pet accessories, pet cosmetics and pet blankets recognised in a number of European countries. Our long-term experience enables us to provide luxurious products of highest quality. Our offer includes a wide range of hand-sewn leashes, collars and harnesses for dogs and cats. All the products provided are hand-made with finest quality materials, unique European components, Swarovski Crystals TM, top quality leather and specially designed elements. The palette of colours ensures a unique leash, collar or harness distinguished by shape, colour and texture.

In addition, Pet Products Laboratories have developed exclusive SPA shampoos, conditioners and hygiene products- an innovative line of pet cosmetics. The SPA collection combines properly balanced and carefully selected ingredients that soothe and nourish the skin as well as moisturize hair giving it silky smooth and bright touch.

As we continously develop our visions we created pet blankets collection, made fully from natural soft -touch fabrics, perfect for modern interiors and contemporary cars.

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The combination of enthusiastic employees on the one hand, and the ability to work with sophisticated technology on the other gave part to our second approach- custom design.

With an archive of over 100 models and parts, the use of newest machines and lasers, and considerable amount of professional competence, we are able to deal with individual demands in a flexible manner.

We stay at your disposal for more information on custom-made collars, leashes, harnesses, pet blankets, pet cosmetics, advertising leashes and much more.

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