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There are works of art that will never fade. There is architecture that challenges the times. There are qualities that shall never be lost. INFINITY is a pet bed with all of these facets, united in supreme harmony. The bed, created from exquisite fabric, evokes an aristocratic past, adorned with delicacy and subtleness. The gentle curves of an elegantly shaped end element provide a sense of innate naturalness and soft contemporary style. The leather stitched details highlight princely composure and ensure a touch of luxury to the living room. The refinery of INFINITY is only equalled by the comfort it offers.

The product, with a zipper for easy cover removal, may be hand-washed without any reduction in comfort or effectiveness.

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SKU Length/Width Colour
800-G 55cm x 4cm/40cm green
800-B 55cm x 4cm/40cm brown
800-V 55cm x 4cm/40cm violet
800-H 55cm x 4cm/40cm honey
801-G 70cm x 5cm/40cmgreen
801-V 70cm x 5cm/40cm violet
801-H 70cm x 5cm/40cm honey
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55cm x 4cm/40cm, 70cm x 5cm/40cm


green, brown, violet, honey